Art History

  • 20th-century China • AHGL171W01

    Workshop • Fri 10am–noon • April 28-May 12 • 3 sessions • $45 • Community Room An examination of the 20th centuryʻs major avant-garde ideas, movements, revolts, and daring exhibitions that paved the way for the current explosion of contemporary Chinese art. Th...

    Gary Liu  
    Apr. 28-May. 12
    Fri 10am–noon Past_exhib_sp17_adult_ah_01
  • Ritual Art, Ritual Practice • AHAR171W03

    Workshop • Tue 2-4pm • Mar 28-Apr 25 • 5 sessions • $70 • Community Room Visual art and ritual practice have long been intertwined. Indeed, many scholars theorize the earliest pictorial art to survive from paleolithic times has its roots in ritual practice. This lec...

    Aaron Kenna Reich  
    Mar. 28-Apr. 25
    Tue 2-4pm Past_exhib_sp17_adult_ah_03